Well, I wanted to add a quick post this morning and update things now that the Holidays have passed.

I am getting a new tank! I am getting a 25g Ecoxotic tank with the new 18" Ecoxotic Panorama PRO fixture. Ecoxotic has discontinued the tank itself but I was lucky enough to snag one from them and I am super pumped to set it up! It is a rimless tank that measures 18x18x18.

I will have a full review and build thread as soon as it arrives. I have HUGE plans for this tank and hope everything comes together just as I imagine. I will fill people in as time goes on.

I have local company building my sump and overflow box for me. The guy's name is Tyler and his work is the best I have ever seen. Check out his website! (Elite-Aquatics)

I also just ordered a Hanna Phosphate Checker and it will be here on Friday the 13th. Yeah, I know the "scray" 13th but in reality it is a great day too! It is my birthday and I get new toys to play with for my tank!

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