Welcome to my new site! 

I wanted to start with a small introduction of who I am and what this site is about. So here we go...

My name is Ryan Thompson and I have been in this hobby for about 6 years. I have kept all sorts of tanks ranging from 7.5 gallons up to 45 gallons. Nano tanks really have been my specialty over the years and I have seen it all with them. I remember when people were talking about going to a tank as small as 15 gallons and people were a little hesitant to try it out. I can't believe how far this hobby has come in just the last 6 years. I can only imagine where we are headed in the next 6!

Anyways, my current tank is a 24g JBJ Nano Cube that has been in my family for about 4 years now. I used to have a JBJ just like it but sold it for an upgrade. I upgraded to a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon sump. I pretty much went all out on that tank (at least what a college student's budget will allow.) I used an ATI Sunpower for the lighting, two Vortech MP10s for flow and a Bubble Magus NAC6 protein skimmer. I also employed carbon/bacterial dosing to help with water quality.

That tank was by far my favorite tank! Unfortunately, when I moved the tank had some SERIOUS issues when I tired to fix a few things that I didn't like. After months of fighting my new issues I finally caved and sold everything off.

Here are the links to my story with that tank:

Build thread


Well fast forward two months and I ended buying a little 7.5g tank from Mr. Aqua and kept it for about 6 months. I don't have a build thread for the tank but I do have a thread where I reviewed the Ecoxotic EcoPico LEDs.

(I will be creating a page where all of my reviews can be found at a later date.)

On the 7.5g tank I went super simple. I used live rock, live sand and water changes for filtration. No other mechanical filtration was used. This is the tank where I jumped into the LED game. LEDs for me have been hit and miss so far but I will have more on that at another time.

This brings us to my latest tank --- the 24g Nano Cube.

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Nice work man.


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