Yes, a new tank is on the way but let's do a little back story first...

In May of 2014 I sold off everything. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I was done with the hobby for the next few years at a minimum so it was time to let everything go. I then moved into a friend's house for about 6 weeks while my home was finished being built. The new home had no spot for a tank and I really didn't want to buy everything all over again.

Well, a few months back the "bug" hit me again and I started researching tanks, lights, pumps and all the fun stuff that has changed. To my surprise, most things were still the same.

I got on our local reefing forum and looked at what was for sale. Nothing jumped out at me to begin with so I waited patiently. Then I came across a 50g Cadlights Cube tank complete with sump, heater, skimmer and a plethora of items to get me going. Just one issue, I am semi-OCD with my plumbing and setup under the tank. A good sump setup will alleviate a lot of headaches in my experience. That was box I shouldn't have opened but I couldn't use the stuff it came with.

So here we are about 3 months later and I have almost everything bought and ready. The holidays will throw a wrench in getting everyhting up and going but I am trying my best to get a new stand built and we will be ready!

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