Yes, a new tank is on the way but let's do a little back story first...

In May of 2014 I sold off everything. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I was done with the hobby for the next few years at a minimum so it was time to let everything go. I then moved into a friend's house for about 6 weeks while my home was finished being built. The new home had no spot for a tank and I really didn't want to buy everything all over again.

Well, a few months back the "bug" hit me again and I started researching tanks, lights, pumps and all the fun stuff that has changed. To my surprise, most things were still the same.

I got on our local reefing forum and looked at what was for sale. Nothing jumped out at me to begin with so I waited patiently. Then I came across a 50g Cadlights Cube tank complete with sump, heater, skimmer and a plethora of items to get me going. Just one issue, I am semi-OCD with my plumbing and setup under the tank. A good sump setup will alleviate a lot of headaches in my experience. That was box I shouldn't have opened but I couldn't use the stuff it came with.

So here we are about 3 months later and I have almost everything bought and ready. The holidays will throw a wrench in getting everyhting up and going but I am trying my best to get a new stand built and we will be ready!
I have added a page with my tutorial on how to setup and run the ATI LED PowerModule. It is a very basic tutorial but will go you up and going in no time! I have also included the video from RC user sahin.

Click here for the tutorial!

Please check it all out and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also please visit the thread on ReefCentral that is dedicated to this fixture here...

Thanks all and Happy Reefing!

Well, I wanted to add a quick post this morning and update things now that the Holidays have passed.

I am getting a new tank! I am getting a 25g Ecoxotic tank with the new 18" Ecoxotic Panorama PRO fixture. Ecoxotic has discontinued the tank itself but I was lucky enough to snag one from them and I am super pumped to set it up! It is a rimless tank that measures 18x18x18.

I will have a full review and build thread as soon as it arrives. I have HUGE plans for this tank and hope everything comes together just as I imagine. I will fill people in as time goes on.

I have local company building my sump and overflow box for me. The guy's name is Tyler and his work is the best I have ever seen. Check out his website! (Elite-Aquatics)

I also just ordered a Hanna Phosphate Checker and it will be here on Friday the 13th. Yeah, I know the "scray" 13th but in reality it is a great day too! It is my birthday and I get new toys to play with for my tank!
Welcome to my new site! 

I wanted to start with a small introduction of who I am and what this site is about. So here we go...

My name is Ryan Thompson and I have been in this hobby for about 6 years. I have kept all sorts of tanks ranging from 7.5 gallons up to 45 gallons. Nano tanks really have been my specialty over the years and I have seen it all with them. I remember when people were talking about going to a tank as small as 15 gallons and people were a little hesitant to try it out. I can't believe how far this hobby has come in just the last 6 years. I can only imagine where we are headed in the next 6!

Anyways, my current tank is a 24g JBJ Nano Cube that has been in my family for about 4 years now. I used to have a JBJ just like it but sold it for an upgrade. I upgraded to a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon sump. I pretty much went all out on that tank (at least what a college student's budget will allow.) I used an ATI Sunpower for the lighting, two Vortech MP10s for flow and a Bubble Magus NAC6 protein skimmer. I also employed carbon/bacterial dosing to help with water quality.

That tank was by far my favorite tank! Unfortunately, when I moved the tank had some SERIOUS issues when I tired to fix a few things that I didn't like. After months of fighting my new issues I finally caved and sold everything off.

Here are the links to my story with that tank:

Build thread


Well fast forward two months and I ended buying a little 7.5g tank from Mr. Aqua and kept it for about 6 months. I don't have a build thread for the tank but I do have a thread where I reviewed the Ecoxotic EcoPico LEDs.

(I will be creating a page where all of my reviews can be found at a later date.)

On the 7.5g tank I went super simple. I used live rock, live sand and water changes for filtration. No other mechanical filtration was used. This is the tank where I jumped into the LED game. LEDs for me have been hit and miss so far but I will have more on that at another time.

This brings us to my latest tank --- the 24g Nano Cube.